Embed ChatGPT Code Interpreter in your App

Lightski helps you embed ChatGPT Code Interpreter into your app, giving your users an AI Data Scientist more powerful than Excel.

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Everything you need for a next-generation analytics experience

From your database to UI, Lightski offers a full-stack AI analytics experience for your customers to experience the latest advances in generative AI.

Securely connect your database to query each customer's own data. Create mappings to each end-user for data privacy.

Bring the latest generative AI advances to your app

Looking for the easiest way to drive increased engagement, provide users with flexible insights, and adopt the latest technologies? Lightski can help.

Upsell Customers

Looking to drive conversion to a higher pricing tier? Analytics can elevate the user experience of your product and drive increased revenue.

Save Engineering Time

Different users want different insights formatted in a different way; building that can take months. Lightski saves you engineering time, allowing you to focus on core features.

Adopt Generative AI

AI-powered data analysis is one of the few generative AI use-cases that actually delivers value. Lightski continually incorporates state-of-the-art AI advances, so you can stay ahead.

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